Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Leave Tennessee and Lose A Lane

About to leave Tennessee heading south on Interstate 55 outside of Memphis. Mississippi provides one less traffic lane.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oxford (Mississippi) Bound #1

Bound for the Double Decker Art Fair in Oxford, MS, on Friday, 4/29/11.  (Many of the photos were taken through the van's windshield so please pardon the blurry bug splatters.)

Center:  The land on the Arkansas side of the Mississippi is low and currently mostly under water .  The situation is worse since we were through last week.  A section of Interstate 40 was closed yesterday due to rising water covering the roadway.


1.) Heading east on Interstate 40.

2.) The Arkansas Highway Patrol is on the job.  Speeding on the interstates didn't used to be a problem in our old van.  It felt as if it were going to start coming apart as one approached the 70 mph speed limit.  We have to be more careful not to get a lead foot in our new van.

3.) West Memphis, AR:  We don't want to go to either Blytheville or St. Louis.  Head to Memphis.

4.) On the bridge over the Mississippi River.

5.) Once across the Mississippi River bridge, you're briefly on a city street and must move to the right to exit onto I-55 heading toward Jackson, MS.  Follow that truck.  (We missed this exit on one of our early sojourns through Memphis.  I thought we'd never find our way back to I-55.)

6.) Jo really ought to start thinking about changing lanes, but I'm not a backseat driver so I'll keep my mouth shut.