Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stephens' Lake

The swimming area on Stephens' Lake in Columbia, MO. This small lake is divided in half by a walkway and artificial island. Half of the lake is for swimming. The other half is for fishing.

The lake and adjoining city park provide a beautiful setting for an art fair. However, other aspects of the park are not so good for selling artwork and fine crafts -- like the park has no parking. There are a couple of small lots that I'm sure are adequate for the park's regular users. However, because these lots would be totally inadequate for the art fair crowd, they are reserved for exhibitor and handicapped parking during the show. The art fair patrons are expected to take a shuttle to the site.

Since Art in the Park was moved to this site three years ago, our sales are about half of what they were prior to the move.

The island in the middle of Stephens' Lake.

(Art in the Park ... Columbia, MO ... June, 2008)



smilnsigh said...

Looks pretty, but sorry for the effect on sales. :-(

July 22... A little bird told me that I would like to wish you a Very Happy, Happy, Happy... Day!!! :-)

Not wanting to throw the "little bird" completely "in," I'll leave it at that. I think.........

But there are still 7 hours left in the day, to come back, and elaborate. :-)

Miss Mari-Nanci

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Happy Birthday (whenever it is), my fellow Cancerian.... Lake does look nice.... Too bad they can't come up with some clever electic golf carts or shuttle trains that would allow people to carry their wares and have a low cost, quiet shuttle service.... But nobody asked me...