Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Garden Cart

I finished rebuilding our garden cart late Monday afternoon. Then, after taking this photo, I totally disassembled it again. Disassembling was much faster than taking apart the old cart since none of the fasteners were rusted together. Jo coated the wood with a preservative. Hopefully, the Woodlife will dry enough I can reassemble the cart this (Tuesday) afternoon. That job should go fairly fast since I won't have to drill holes or find and modify fasteners as I did during the original assembly.

I plan on this being the last time I rebuild our garden cart during this lifetime.

Tuesday evening update: As long as I've been working on DIY projects around the house, I should have known that saying the job "should go fairly fast" would doom this project to at least one more major SNAFU. I'll not bore you with the details describing how I screwed things up, but will admit the incident involved a large hammer. Even though it took about three times longer than I'd planned, I did get the cart back together again. After the wood sealer has another day to dry, the cart should be ready for another 25+ years of service.



TSannie said...

I plan on having one of those when I move back to Missouri. OOPS - I actually wrote that down???

gwendolen said...


I hope the evil cows don't vandalise it. :-)

Marvin said...

Annie: Careful what you say on the Internet. :-)

Gwen: Yes, I must hide the cart from the cows.