Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Signs, Signs: What's For Lunch?

Are you hungry yet?

A sampling of the foods on offer at Smoky Hill River Festival, Salina, KS. (June, 2010)

Join the fun by posting your favorite signs.  Share the link by visiting signs, signs.  (Thanks to Lesley of Southern Ontario, discovered for hosting this weekly meme.)



Andy said...

I had my first deep fried Mars Bar last summer. What a delicious treat! Someone had some fun with the wording on alligator sign.

Lynette Killam said...

Clever signs you captured, Marvin! We do see deep-fried chocolate bars here at our summer fairs, but never have I had the chance to eat alligator on a stick with a side of toasted ravioli...I would definitely give them both a try...:)

Imagination Lane

Anonymous said...

festival food - soon to come to a street near you. so summery. i must admit to having tasted the deep fried chocolate bars. once is enough.

EG Wow said...

Oh my goodness! I have never tried any of these. In fact, I've never even heard of any of these. :)) I must lead a sheltered life.

VioletSky said...

Not sure about the toasted ravioli, but I have tried a deep fried mars bar (and yes, I kinda liked it!) and I have no idea what alligator might taste like

Kim, USA said...

Oh my my, this sounds so yummy!

Inger-M said...

I have never heard of deep fried chocolate, and I thought it was a joke until I saw that some of the others here have tried it. I don't eat chocolate, and I don't eat deep fried food, so I'll pass on that one.
I would try the alligator though, sounds like yummy proteins!
Very interesting selection of foods and signs!

Joy said...

I thought I was in Scotland with the first sign but I have never spotted an alligator up there but if one turns up I'm sure it would be deep fried. Fried peas I spotted once, unfortunately I had already ordered, maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

How interesting indeed. Thank you for showing me something that i've never seen before.

Please have a good Thursday.

daily athens

Lesley said...

You sure do eat some strange foods at those county fairs!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Nothin' like a County Fair is there?

Great signs. (I like the alligator one, I'm almost ashamed to say.)

Didn't I just talk to you at your other blog? I didn't realzie you had two of them.

Luna Miranda said...

alligator on a stick--now that is something i'd like to try!:p


RedPat said...

Healthy eats at that fair!