Friday, October 26, 2007

Gadgets You Can Probably Live Without

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iPod Toilet Roll Holder

Ipod & toilet roll holder
is for real and can be purchased for $199

The Beerbelly Beverage Bag

The Beer Belly in action
For all those who despite lots of hard work (down the pub) just aren't able to build that coveted beer belly, here's quite literally a beer belly to sling across your neck! The key selling-point is that it'll enable you to smuggle beer and booze past the most vigilant bouncers at gigs, games etc. As long as you don't mind the weird looks you'll be getting once people nearby hears the splashing noises coming from your 'belly', that is.

The Funtrak Paintball Tank

Paintball Tank
$16000 custom built beast

Toshiba 360 Gaming Helmet

Toshiba gaming helmet
I always figured that sleek, 360 degree motion controlled goggles would be the next big thing in computer/television output, but then Toshiba pulls a stunt like this. Instead of a cool set of wrap-around goggles, they hit on the idea of strapping the freak brother of an old-fashioned CRT television onto some poor girl's head.
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