Saturday, January 10, 2009

Journal: Saturday, 1/10/09

► Weather Summary: High = 57ºF/14ºC. Low = 24ºF/-4ºC. Overcast with a gusty north wind most all day until after dark when the sky cleared so we could bask in the glow of the huge perigee moon.

► New cold front finally eased into our area while I slept. Overcast and 31ºF (-.5ºC) when I awoke.

► Forecast says we're supposed to have afternoon clearing, but thus far (2 PM) the clouds are ignoring the forecast. I thought the sun was going to peek through just a few minutes ago, but I blinked and missed it.

► PM Walk: Jo is attending an Arkansas Craft Guild meeting down in Little Rock so the dogs and I just walked up the road to the gate and back.

► Now that the sun has set, the sky is finally clearing so the temperature can get even colder overnight. (30ºF/-1ºC @ 5:30 PM)

► Jo arrived back home around six o'clock. She rode down to Little Rock with a friend for a luncheon meeting that lasted three or four hours. After getting back, Jo bought the groceries that had been added to our list since I went to town on Monday.

► The trip home also included a stop at the Home Depot in Conway where Jo bought a ballast for her studio light fixture. When they got back to the grocery store in town where Jo had left our truck, she forgot the ballast and her friend headed out toward home in Eureka Springs with it. (This simple DIY project is clearly in full Murphy's Law mode: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.) Thank goodness for cell phone. Jo called her friend before she got too far down the road and the ballast was returned.