Friday, January 9, 2009

Journal Through Friday, 1/09/09

Tuesday, 1/6/09:

► Weather Summary: High = 41ºF (5ºC). Low = 28ºF (-2ºC). Overcast most of the day, but cleared to partly cloudy for a couple of hours about the time we took our afternoon walk.

► Jo and I installed the new fluorescent tubes in the light fixture in her studio. It still didn't work. We pulled off the cover and saw the ballast looks as if it's been getting more than a little warm. The ballast is probably the problem. Now the question is: Do we replace the ballast in that old fixture or replace that eight foot fixture with two four foot shop lights. Shop lights are often heavily discounted and would probably be cheaper than the ballast, but they'd require more time and effort for some rewiring.

For a brief period of time, these were the only clouds still around on Tuesday afternoon. Unfortunately, the sky quickly became overcast again.

Wednesday, 1/7/09:

► Weather Summary: High = 59ºF (5ºC). Low = 31ºF (-.5ºC). Mostly sunny all day with a few more clouds moving in toward sunset.

► Jo decided to use 4' shop lights in her studio -- and since we had a couple of those on hand, she began checking them out. She found that neither were working completely right. That's the problem with those super cheap shop lights. They're not always dependable.

► Jo changed her mind and decided replacing the ballast in the 8' fixture would be the better route. She called both the hardware store and the lumber yard in town only to discover they were both out of that particular ballast.

► This seems to be one of those simple little projects that's destined to turn into an ordeal. All Jo wants is enough light throw pots by in her studio. At the moment she's using multiple clamp-on lights with cords strung all over the place. Not the best set up.

► I finally got around to grinding some of the beans I purchased from E-Z Discount. The coffee is drinkable, but nothing special. What did I expect from hardware store coffee?

Thursday, 1/8/09:

► Weather Summary: High = 60ºF (15ºC). Low = 31ºF (-.5ºC). A new, weak cold front overnight. It didn't lower the temperature much, but the wind was out of the north in the morning. By late afternoon the wind had switched around to the south again, though.

► I installed one of my newly sharpened chains and cut some firewood. One of the large wood racks is now almost full of newly cut firewood.

► Blog post on Nature in the Ozarks: Scenic overlook near Harrison, AR.

Friday, 1/9/09:

Weather Summary: High = 55ºF (12ºC). Low = 38ºF (3ºC). Overcast in the morning with a prediction of clearing to partly cloudy during the afternoon, but that didn't happen. In fact, a light mist was falling when we went on our afternoon. The sky did seem to clear a bit after dark. I could see the moon and a few stars through the clouds, but then it clouded back up and we experience a few light and very scattered rain showers.

Made a batch of waffles and put together a fruit salad.

Blog post on Nature in the Ozarks: Hemmed In Hollow Falls.