Sunday, June 14, 2009

Journal: Sunday, 6/14/09

The flower bed out in front of our house on a drizzly Sunday afternoon in June. The Purple Coneflowers we planted vie for the eyes' attention with the Black-eyed Susans growing at the edge of the woods.

Our skies were overcast most all day. Our weather forecast said we could expect thunderstorms during the afternoon, but they never materialized. In fact, we got very little rain -- only .2" falling in several light, brief showers. For a while during the middle of the afternoon, our skies made a valiant effort at clearing, but then quickly clouded back up. The clearing was a nice gesture for our PM walk nonetheless.

Jo worked over in her studio. I got a few mundane household chores accomplished, but since we couldn't work outside during the late afternoon, I laid down and took a couple of hours worth of nap. There are at least a couple of dozen projects I should have worked on instead of sleeping that long.



Anonymous said...

What's that round thingie in the middle of the flowerbed?

Marvin said...

It's a fused glass ladybug thingie. A better view is here.