Sunday, June 14, 2009

Journal: Saturday, 6/13/09

Week In Review:

Home from art fair in Columbia. Got the van totally unloaded.

Set up part of the canopy frame and dried the canopy side panels. We had a little rain Sunday morning at the show. The canopy tops got dry during the afternoon, but we'd rolled up the side panels to open open our booths for sales. Being rolled up, it was impossible for them to dry. They dried quickly hung up in the heat and breeze here at home.

Jo harvested a huge head of broccoli from the garden.

We finished weeding another bed out in the garden. Jo set out some tomato and pepper transplants she'd purchased. Normally, we have about three beds devoted to tomatoes and peppers, but are cutting back this year, mainly because of our late start but also because we produce more tomatoes and peppers than we need. We still have tomato sauce and frozen peppers from last year.

Jo set up cages around the peppers and tomatoes. Then, I installed the fence posts that support the cages. The hardest part was getting them out of the ground from last year's location.

We began cleaning up another garden bed. Pulling a few weeds from a bed is one thing, but we are removing waist high grasses that have deep roots. It's slow going.
Friday I made a trip into town. This was a fairly quick and easy town run. Mainly I needed to get the checks from our last show into the bank and return the books on tape to the library before they were past due. A thunderstorm moved through while I was at the library -- high wind and heavy rain, but small and moved through quickly. Instead of getting drenched, I just spent a little time on one of the library's computers.

Our weather has been very unsettled this week. I've lost count of how many little thundershowers we've experienced. All have been small and not too severe. We've only gotten maybe an 1.5" of rain out of them. We still are not out of the unsettle weather cycle. When we weren't experiencing a thundershower, it's been hot and humid.

Friday was the end of our television reception. We went from being able to receive one fuzzy analog signal (Arkansas Educational TV) to receiving no digital signals. On Saturday I mounted our antenna on a short mast and crawled up onto the roof's peak with it. We did three scans with the antenna oriented in different directions, but the digital converter could pick up no signal.



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