Friday, August 7, 2009

Garden 2009: First Picking of Green Beans

Jo picked a little less than a half bushel of green beans Thursday afternoon. We've eaten some, but most went into the freezer. We should get two or three more large picking and then production will fall way off. Eventually, we'll leave the wire covering off the beans and let the rabbits have a treat, though I don't know what they've done to deserve a reward.

Jo also harvested some yellow squash, zucchini and cucumbers.

I made a trip into town Thusday. We were just in town this past Saturday, but I decided to make a special trip to buy a new thermostat for our hot water heater. The thermostat that's currently on the heater works okay most of the times, but every so often gets the water way too hot.
While in town, I made several other stops: Mailed a package, paid bills, went by the bank and, of course, bought groceries again. With all that running around, I managed to forget about buying the thermostat. Doh!

The price of gasoline jumped a dime per gallon since Saturday, up to $2.59/gallon. I reckon gas is bound to go up with Labor Day and our fall show season approaching.

We had to send our camera back to Olympus for a rebuild. The main control knob became so stiff it could not be turned. The photo above is from our archives. It was taken by Jo on 6/17/07.

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Anonymous said...

Love the dogs Marvin.

gwendolen said...

The dogs are just beautiful! Of course the rabbits deserve a bean or too. They're cute!

We pay 1,40 euros for a liter. *starts counting on fingers ... I think that's a bit more. That's also why we've got bicycles. Hehehe.

Sikantis said...

Great harvest - and great photo!

Marvin said...

Thanks for the comments.

Gwen: I ran out of fingers and toes trying to do the comparison conversions.

gwendolen said...

Me too. I tried adding my nose and ears but it didn't help much.