Thursday, August 6, 2009

Garden 2009: Green Beans and Climbing Rabbits

Our first picking of green beans should occur later today or maybe tomorrow.  If we want to harvest any green beans, we must grow them inside a welded wire enclosure. Otherwise, the rabbits would eat them down to the ground.

The wire hoops really aren't quite large enough for the beans, so they send stems and leaves out through the mesh. In the past, the cottontails have done a very good job of keeping the ground level protruding stems and leaves trimmed back to the wire. This year, the rabbits took their trimming duties one step farther. At least one member of our local rabbit population learned how to either climb the wire or jump up on top of it. We've seen a rabbit sitting up on top of the wire hoops several times. And you can see there are few stems and leaves left sticking outside of the wire. Unfortunately, I seriously doubt we'll ever be able to get close enough to photograph the rabbit in action.