Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Monday, 9/28/09:

I left the mower fully gassed and ready to go while I took my afternoon break, but no one came along to finish the mowing. I had to complete the job myself. The garden area is mowed. The garden takes as long to mow as all the rest of our yard put together. There are so many obstructions to mow around or move -- then, there's the narrow strip between the electric fence and barbed wire fence. Mowing in a confined area in the proximity of barbed wire almost always results in bleeding.

Cooler and dryer today. The temperature only made it up to 80°F/27ºC and the relative humidity hovered around 50%. When the sun started setting, the temperature dropped rapidly and was down to 52°F/11ºC by midnight. Walking over to the studio to start a kiln firing was kind of chilly in my t-shirt and cutoffs.

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