Monday, September 7, 2009

Begging For Zucchini

What happens when you take a short trip and leave the garden unattended for a couple of days? Monster zucchinis try to take over the place. Rusty and Bucket like raw zucchini and know Jo usually gives them a slice of the overgrown squash before tossing the rest in the compost. They are waiting not very patiently for their treat.

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TSannie said...

I had exactly 2 zucchini and Stella thinks they're gross. Love the photo.

Marvin said...

An absence of squash bugs and milder/wetter weather gave us a good crop of yellow squash and zucchini this year. I have no idea why the squash bugs were absent.

Sometimes I think our dogs will eat anything. They'll eat a variety of raw veggies and several other things we do not wish to discuss. However, Bucket doesn't like cucumbers.