Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Road Slide.

Road Slide

Driving down off our mountain isn't as easy as it used to be. A slide about half way down narrows the highway to one lane. This site has been slipping for quite a while. The guardrail dropped down below the surface of the road a couple of months ago. Our local weekly newspaper quoted an Arkansas Highway Department spokesman as saying he didn't know how they were going to fix the problem since they didn't have a lot of solid ground to work with. I guess they still haven't figured out a solution. The major slide occurred over a month ago. So far, no work has been done.



gwendolen said...

Hmz. Not the brightest bulbs on the highway at the Arkansas Highway Department, hey?

Marvin said...

My guess is that that highway department engineer is playing dumb because he knows 1.) fixing this problem properly would require an enormous amount of money and involve building a bridge across the unstable section of mountainside and 2.) that amount of money will not be spent on our tertiary highway. Eventually, they'll probably haul in and dump a lot of fill and then paved on top of that fill, which will last a few years until the fill also slides on down the mountain.