Friday, July 2, 2010

Home To Arkansas

Rain On Highway 35

Jo and I headed home from our visit in Aransas Pass on Wednesday afternoon around four o'clock. Rain squalls from Hurricane Alex were moving inland from the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the time the rain was light to moderate. Sometimes we were between rain showers. The worst section was just north of Rockport heading toward Tivoli on Texas Highway 35. Rain was heavy, wind was gusting and that old highway was holding a lot of rain water. Between the wind and hydroplaning, our van wanted to slip and slide all over the place. Jo's grip on the steering wheel was tight, but she handled the driving well.

At Tivoli we turned north. The rain and wind lessened a little. Jo got us through Houston and drove until around eight o'clock. We bought gas in Cleveland and I took over the driving duties. The rain and wind continued backing off as we drove north and east heading back to Arkansas. By the time we reached Texarkana, we'd left the rain behind. We stopped at the Welcome Center east of Texarkana and again for gasoline in Conway. The temperature was noticeably cooler when we climbed out of the van in Conway, a pleasant welcome back to the Ozarks. We finally arrived home around six o'clock Thursday morning, completing our 14 hour, 750 mile trip.