Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fall Garden 2010: FAIL

Lettuce (and weeds)

Our fall garden was a big FAIL this year.  It was just too hot, dry and buggy during the late summer when the seeds and seedlings went into the garden.  Few of them survived, despite several replantings.  We did harvest a few turnips.  Jo pulled the last of the turnips recently, but they were pithy and not edible.

On Tuesday, Jo pulled the row covers off what should have been our lettuce and spinach beds.  A very few small lettuce plants remained in addition to a half dozen or so spinach plants -- plus lots of happily protected weeds.  Jo harvested the spinach and stir fried for supper.  That was the end of fall garden.

Spinach (and weeds)



NicoleB said...

Oh,... that sucks :(