Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jo Sitting On Her Bucket

Our unseasonably warm weather on Tuesday (up to 76°F/24°C) convinced Jo to toss out her pre-planned list of chores and work in the garden instead.  She's weeding a strawberry bed.



NicoleB said...

How does she know which ones are the strawberries? :-)

NicoleB said...

why does google not offer me the follow-up comments when I log in with my first comment,.... stupid!

Marvin said...

Strawberry plant just look like strawberries and not weeds. :-)

When I'm logged into Google/Blogger, I always see a subscribe to comments option, both on the main blog post page and the comments page. But who knows what Google gremlins might be showing each individual visiting the site?????

NicoleB said...

It's probably been too long for me to remember what a winter strawberry plant looks like :-D

I wasn't logged in yet (at least not into blogger, which makes no sense, since I am logged in into my google account, mpf....
Usually the sign- up thingy is there, but only when signed in already. :/