Sunday, November 4, 2012

Changing Kiln Elements

Jo changed the elements in her kiln.  She did the majority of the job herself, but needed my help crimping the wires from the controller onto the elements.  That job requires brute force, a strong grip to get the metal sleeve connectors crimped securely.

Kiln sitting in messy kiln room.  Ready to have controller wires connected to new elements.

There are six elements.  Both ends of each element must be connected to the controller.  This is accomplished with a jumper wire.

Detail of element pigtail sticking out of the kiln.  An old connector is still on the end of the wire.  It must be cut off and a new sleeve crimped into place.  Then, the wires are crimped onto the pigtail.  The controller wire is stranded, but the element pigtail is two pieces of solid wire twisted together.  This make crimping securely more difficult.

All element wires are connected.  The piece of yellow wire that is still dangling connects the the kiln's pyrometer.

Jo flanged up the job Saturday afternoon.  She's test firing today.