Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cutting A Rug

Jo and I are doing an art fair in Sequiota Park in Springfield, MO, this weekend. Heavy rains are predicted for the area over the next couple of days. Even if we get lucky and the rain stops over the weekend, the show site is likely to be a total quagmire little muddy. Jo came up with the idea of setting our booth up on an old piece of carpet. That should help it from becoming a mud hole. And, we just happened to have an old carpet on hand. All it needed was trimming to size. It would be better if the colors and pattern of the carpet were more subtle, but it should get the job done.

Wednesday, 10/7/09:

A SIGN OF FALL: Jo saw a flock of geese flying over heading south this morning. This is the first southward bound geese we've noticed this fall.

ANOTHER SIGN OF FALL: Jo is working on making a place for all our houseplants inside the house. They don't like being moved inside from the porch. And, we really don't have enough room for all of them. But they couldn't survive the winter outside.

YET ANOTHER SIGN OF FALL: I finally got the stovepipe cleaned out so we can have a fire in the wood stove. There have already been a couple of evenings when it was chilly enough a little fire overnight would have been nice.

VAN UNLOADED/RELOADED: Jo's kiln was cool enough to unload. We pulled the appropriate boxes out of the van so she could pack the pots removed from the kiln. Jo reloaded those boxes back into the van while I finished up cleaning out the stovepipe. We tried to get as much van loading as possible done today since we have a 100% chance of rain on Thursday.

CLOTHES WASHING: Jo used our one day of sunshine to wash and dry a couple of loads of clothes. They were dry on the clothesline by mid-afternoon, though Jo did suffer a clothespin shortage.

WEATHER: High = 76°F/24°C. Low = 46°F/8°C. Clear skies in the morning, but mostly cloudy by sunset. The cool front that came through overnight is returning as a warm front. It's going to collide with another cool front right over our heads and then the whole mess is forecast to stall out for a couple of days until and even stronger cool front pushes its way through.