Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Setting Up Jo's Booth In St. Louis

Jo does an excellent job of setting up her booth -- and with very little supervision. Actually, I helped erect the canopy, unloaded the shelving and will help with other tasks when Jo's finished with the shelving. The shelves will hold her pottery and must be set up and leveled to her satisfaction. It's best if I just stay out of the way and let her get the shelves set up the way she wants them.


Tuesday, 10/6/09:

Rain off and on all day -- mostly just drizzle and light rain, no downpours or thunderstorms in our area. A total of a little more than a half inch of rain. The rain finally stopped and our skies began clearing during the late evening. Wednesday is forecast to be sunny. However, by Thursday this weak cool front is supposed to turn around and return as a warm front, bringing a couple of days of rain back into our area. Loading on Thursday and leaving on Friday is liable to be messy. High = 68°F/20°C. Low = 55°F/13°C.