Sunday, October 18, 2009

Garden 2009: First Frost in the Fall Garden

Fall Garden 2009: Our first frost was this morning (10/18/09) so Jo and I covered the wire hoops over our fall garden bed with plastic. Around mid-day Jo opened up the ends of the tunnel so everything inside wouldn't be cooked by today's full sunshine.



Q said...

Extending the growing season is wonderful...dinner looks good.
We also had our 1st frost on Saturday night.
Warmed right up on Monday to 72!

Marvin said...

Our temperature hit 75° today (Tuesday). We had to remove the plastic from the bed before a strong and gusty south wind ripped it.

Anna said...

WOW this is very cool photo, and of course nice garden. Anna :)

mitt vattenhål said...

Great garden photo and I especially like the perspective

thanks for comment on my blog

Christina, Sweden