Friday, July 9, 2010

Copano Bay Causeway

Copano Bay Causeway

Heading north on Texas Highway 35 across Copano Bay on our trip back to Arkansas from Aransas Pass.  The Copano Bay Causeway is 9,230 feet (2813 meters) long, was completed in 1966 and is official know as the President Lyndon B Johnson Causeway.

To the left in the photo is the old causeway which is now a fishing pier operated by the Aransas County Navigation District.  The old causeway was constructed of timbers supporting a concrete slab and is only 20 feet (6 meters) wide.  I'm glad the old causeway was replaced two years before I got my first car so I never had the pleasure of driving across that long, narrow span.

The new causeway has a raise section which allows larger boats to enter the northern half of Copano Bay.  The old causeway had a draw bridge.  The bridge section was removed so it's actually now two different fishing piers with a gap in the middle.  The causeway and piers are located just north of the Rockport/Fulton area on the Texas coast.



KaHolly said...

You're leaving TX and soon I'll be arriving.