Friday, July 9, 2010

Rain Moving In

Rain Moving Inland

Sitting in the van on the point at Conn Brown Harbor in Aransas Pass, TX, watching rain squalls move inland from the bay. The bridge crosses the Intracoastal Canal on Highway 361. The rain squalls were generated by Hurricane Alex which was moving into northern Mexico.

Rain Arrives


Tom said...

Weneed rain as well Marvin... today the North West of England is in a drought and there is a 'Hose Pipe ban.... we had the worst winter with record snowfalls which should have fill over reservoirs but haven't... Not the image England normally as... ha!

Marvin said...

We could use some rain here in Arkansas too. Our situation is not as dire as yours, though. We've actually received several showers over the past few days. The amount of rain falling here at our place was minimal. The showers were very scattered. Whether one received a sprinkle, nice shower or cloudburst depended upon the luck of one's location. We were not lucky. Sets up a weird situation: Our area of northern Arkansas is currently under a Flash Flood Watch, yet we're still hoping for more rain.