Friday, September 5, 2008

Journal: Friday, 9/5/08

One of the many varieties of binder weed blooming at the present time. Binder weed is a vine closely related to the Morning Glory. Many gardeners hate binder weed with a passion because it is weed that's difficult to eliminate. I love them blooming along side our road.
► Started Jo's kiln on a bisque firing. The damp weather we've been having is causing Jo problems over in her studio. (No I'm not referring to the drips. She's more or less learned to live with those.) Whenever she throws something like a mug, it must dry a bit before she can attach a handle. Nothing is drying. The work she threw yesterday was still as wet as when it came off her wheel. She's building up a backlog of thrown work that needs more attention. She doesn't have room for a backlog. (66º @ midnight)

► 10:00 AM: So far, the forecast for today is proving to be accurate. Our skies remain overcast. The current temperature of 65º feels a little chilly since I'm dressed as I would be for a temperature in the nineties.

► Took pity on the dogs and bathed them inside because of the chilly temperatures and breeze outdoors. The dogs don't particularly like being bathed, but tolerate it. Dog bathing works best if both Jo and I participate, one to hold the dog in place and the other to do the actual bathing.

While Rusty and Bucket don't like baths, they certainly find them invigorating. After a bath they run, play/fight, shove furniture around, bounce off walls and just make all around nuisances of themselves.

The sun has made a few very unconvincing attempt at burning through the clouds. (72º @ 2 PM)

► Walked up the road taking photos of fall wildflowers. Skies have finally cleared to partly cloudy. (72º @ 5 PM)

► Almost tripped over a copperhead as I rounded the corner of the house. We both thought we were alone and we were both startled by the encounter. He tucked tail and disappeared under the wood rack while I watched. Copperheads are common around here in the summer. I see them most often at dusk, a time when we are both out and about. They are just beginning a night of hunting while I'm trying to finish up chores, pick up tools and complete my day outdoors. Last summer, copperhead sightings were frequent. I haven't seen nearly as many this summer. Everything in nature seems to run in cycles, most of which I do not understand.

► Jo and I spent a little time out in our soggy garden late this afternoon. She harvested a few veggies. Many cherry tomatoes had ripened over the past couple of days. All but a very few were split. That happens when a lot of rain falls. I just checked things out a bit and picked hornworms off the tomato plants. It seems another hornworm siege is beginning. Also found four hornworms covered with parasitic Braconid wasp cocoons. (68º @ 7 PM)

► Chilling down a bit this evening. (61º @ midnight)