Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Journal: Tuesday, 9/2/08

Jo happened to be at our local grocery store when they were disassembling their greenhouse tent at the end of spring. Everything left was on sale for $1.00. Jo said some of the scraggly and mostly dead plants weren't worth a dollar -- and some items were originally priced at less than a dollar. She did manage to find and purchase a couple of geranium plants. They bloomed right after Jo brought them home and are now blooming again.

Jo and the dogs were able to take their morning walk. Jo says the rain began around eight o'clock this morning.

Noon: Rain and 76º. We are forecast to receive rain from Gustav for the next couple of days. Gentle rain falling thus far.

A heavy downpour and gusty winds replaced the gentle Gustav rain we'd been receiving since early morning.

The heavy downpour didn't last long. We went back into a cycle of continuous light to moderate rain.

No walk today. 1.1" of rain thus far. (75º @ 4 PM)

Since I couldn't work in the garden or mow today, I made a batch of waffles instead. If you like light and fluffy waffles, I doubt you'd like mine. I make heavy-duty, stick-to-your-ribs waffles. I start with whole wheat flour to which I add oats, bran and sunflower seeds besides the routine leavening agents, oil, yogurt and eggs. And, of course, I cook them in a cast iron, stove-top waffle iron.

No more heavy downpours, but there's still plenty of rain in our forecast. (75º @ 6 PM)

Another .5" rain for a total of 1.6" (74º @ 10 PM)

Weather summary: High = 77º ... Low = 73º ... Midnight = 73º ... rain most all day ... total = 1.6"