Thursday, September 4, 2008

Journal: Thursday, 9/04/08

Our garlic chives is blooming and attracting a lot of butterflies and other pollinators -- at least it was before all our recent rain start.  I haven't been out in the garden to check since.

Midnight:  We still have a 90% chance of rain tonight and a 70% chance on Thursday, but little rain has fallen over the past several hours.  There's hope that an ark may not be necessary.

Only another .6" rain overnight (8.8" total) and I think most of that fell in the very early morning hours.  Jo and the dogs were able to take their walk up the road this morning.  Though NOAA says our chance of measurable precipitation is still 60%, the sun is currently making a feable attempt to break through the clouds.  (70º @ 10 AM)

The sun's attempt at shining was a failure.  Light drizzle falling.  (72º @ Noon)

Walked up the road to the gate and back in a light drizzle.  Our road out is still in pretty good shape considering all the rain that's fallen in the post 36 or so hours.  The rain was steady, but never fell hard and heavy.  The downpours are what washes out the road, especially when the runoff breaches a water cutout in the road. (68º @ 5 PM)

Starting to chill down a little bit this evening with a breezy north wind blowing.  (68º @ 7 PM)

Midnight:  No significant additional rainfall today, just drizzle.  Skies remain overcast.  Tomorrow is forecast to begin foggy and then slowly clear.  Knowing our luck, the sun will probably finally break through the clouds around sunset.