Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Journal: Wednesday, 9/03/08

Okay, I'll admit it: I didn't take the picture above today. I didn't take any photos today. Who wants to photograph a gray sky and rain? Jo and the dogs picked more -- four pounds more -- green beans on Sunday. After the last picking, we weren't sure we were going to get any more fresh green beans. The plants were looking spent and we noticed few blooms. However, a string of cooler days and some rain revived the bean plants back into production. There were more tiny beans and blooms on the plants so we may get even more green beans, assuming they don't drown in our current spell of more rain than we really need at one time.
Gustav's wind and rain continue, but since we haven't had any thunderstorm with lightning, Jo set up the kiln to begin a glaze firing at midnight. I went over to the studio and took an electric meter reading and also started the kiln room exhaust fan. (73º @ midnight)

Made another trip over to the studio. The kiln lid was open a couple of inches so it could vent the gases being emitted by the glazes. I closed the kiln lid so it could finish firing. (74º @ 3 AM ... another .9" in the rain gauge, making a total of 2.5" of rain in the last 18 hours or so)

Water is beginning to seep into my basement/shop. It always does if we get very much rain. (74º @ 4 AM)

Day two of Gustav rain begins. 4" of rain thus far, but no stormy conditions in our immediate area. 72º @ 10 AM.

Jo's gamble with firing her kiln worked. The firing is finished and we did not lose electrical power. At the present time, Jo has the controller programed to fire the kiln down more slowly than if it were simply shut off and allowed to cool. This process is supposed to improve glaze colors, but isn't an essential step. If we lost power now, everything would still be okay. She wouldn't lose any of the pots in this glaze load.

Still have a 100% chance of rain today and tonight and are under a flash flood watch, although we don't really have anything to worry about in that regard up here on the ridge.

The mint "bed" I've been mowing around out behind the clothesline is doing just fine.

Forced the dogs off the porch and out into the rain to take care of their business. Now the delicate aroma of wet dog is wafting through the house. (71º @ 2 PM)

4:00 PM: 72º ... additional rainfall = 1.1" ... total rainfall = 5.1" ... rain can stop any time now as far as I'm concerned.

6:00 PM: Waded out to have a look at the garden -- looks soggy, but okay. Rainfall total up to 6.3"

Midnight: Rain is becoming a very boring topic of discussion, but not much nothing else is happening. Total for today = 6.5". Total since tropical depression Gustav started moving across Arkansas = 8.1"