Friday, June 13, 2008

Family Discussion

Either an intense family discussion or food sharing is going on here. I'm not sure which.

(Paseo Festival of the Arts ... Oklahoma City, OK ... May, 2008)



smilnsigh said...

Or he's got one of those pesky crumbs stuck on his face, from the last food sample they tried. And she's given up on telling "where" it is. And she's wiping it off, herself. ,-)

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Petrus said...

I bet she wins !!

She looks bigger and more determined ..

Good photo ..

Marvin said...

Mari-Nanci: You just might be right. Since I have a full beard, I don't have those kind of problems. Every once and a while Jo just tells me to go vacuum my face.

Petrus: I'm not going to bet against her.