Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Isis Cocktail Bar

Isis Cocktail Bar is the hard liquor adjunct to Galileo Bar & Grill. Sidewalk dining and drinking is available in front of both establishments.

(Paseo Festival of the Arts ... Oklahoma City, OK ... May, 2008)



smilnsigh said...

Ahemmmm... did you realize you were getting a "Sharon Stone effect," with the shot of that gal in the middle, of the photo? ,-)

I know. I know. Watch it, with my comments. This is a Family Style Blog. -gigggles-

Smilnsigh blog

Marvin said...

Oh, my gosh, Mari-Nanci, I never noticed that. I never really paid much attention to the woman in white, neither while I was editing the photo nor during the one hour and 23 minutes she was sitting directly in from of our booth.

I have another shot of this group that I'm going to post because it also includes the server. A bit of judicious cropping will be necessary because it leaves too little to one's imagination. Hey, I only push the button and take the photos. I'm not in charge of dressing -- or not dressing -- my subjects.

reader Wil said...

Your photos have a good size I wish I could get them that large! Thanks for your visit!