Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's A Beer, Ma'am

"It's a beer, ma'am. Ya just pop the top and drink it."

"That's the idea."

(Paseo Festival of the Arts ... Oklahoma City, OK ... May, 2008)



smilnsigh said...

Come on, she couldn't have had such a limited life, that she never saw a pop-top beer can! Maybe she was just checking the brand. :-)

And yes Marvin, I'd *believe* that when you grew up, you had 'Lightening Bugs.' 'Cause I did too! But somehow, 'Fireflies' has a gentler ring to it. And it easily translates to 'Faeries.' Which of course, they are! ,-)


Petrus said...

Women always have to check the number of calories first - the Weighwatchers number of points - whether it contains fats or sugar and the sell by date ..

Perhaps that's why they live longer than men ?