Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Three Generations

Three generations of shoppers -- plus an artist.

(Paseo Festival of the Arts ... Oklahoma City, OK ... May, 2008)



reader Wil said...

Thanks Marvin for your visit on my blog! Lovely photo of the three generation of shoppers.

smilnsigh said...

Hey! How come you have been keeping this blog, a secret from me?!?

Oh I know... You figured I'd come here and say "Ugh" too. >,-)))

Well, not to disappoint... No bugs here, to say Ugh to. But plenty some tired ladies, with too many tatoes. {spelling???}

-ducking, running and hiding-


Marvin said...

Reader Wil: One must start training shoppers early.

M-N: I think the Paseo Arts District is Mecca for all the pierced and/or inked bodies in the state of Oklahoma.

I've very recently brought this blog out hibernation and made it accessible to an unsuspecting public.