Friday, August 22, 2008

Journal: Friday, 8/22/2008

Midnight:  Weather conditions about the same:  Mostly cloudy to light rain falling off and on.

2:00 AM:  One of those little rain showers just came through.

5:00 AM:  How did it get to be this late already.  Way past time for going to bed.

10:00:  Mostly cloudy and hazy this morning.  It looks as if the weather is going to try for a few days of muggy.  79º

Out in the garden the garlic chives are beginning to bloom.

Noon:  Mugginess "progressed" to actual rain.  Could hear thunder in the distance.  I had a look at the NOAA radar.  One little isolated thunderstorm was over us.  There was no line of storms on the way.  I decided that I didn't need to bother unplugging the computer.  As soon as I made that decision a simultanious flash of lightning and crash of thunder occured -- very close.  I revised my decision and quickly hibernated and unplugged the computer.  Of course, that proved to be the one and only flash of lightning nearby.

2:00 PM:  Rain over.  .5" out of that little thundershower.  Skies cleared to partly cloudy again.  83º

Believe it or not, there are wire tunnels under these peas.  Obviously, the tunnels are no good for keeping the peas confined.  The Souther Peas are growing well, but have yet to bloom.

4:00 PM:  Our routine walk up to the gate.

6:00 PM:  I thought I might get to do some mowing today, but after that mid-day shower, the grass was just too wet.

The wild plums are getting very close to being ripe.  The pulp is sweet and flavorful, but the skin will still cause your mouth to pucker.

Weather Summary:  85/73 ... .5" rain ... mostly cloudy to occasionally partly cloudy or overcast... mid-day shower ... very muggy.