Saturday, August 23, 2008

Journal: Saturday, 8/23/08

Midnight: Started another glaze firing.

3:00 AM: Back over to the studio to close the kiln lid. Firing going okay.

The last of the Joe Pye weed for this summer. Most of it has already bloomed out.

4:00 AM: Tried to make a blog post, but had so many problems I deleted everything and went to bed.

Weather is trying to sneak back into being summer again. Partly cloudy and 81º @ 10:30 AM.

Jo hung washed clothes up out on the clothesline. Now the sky is darkening and I hear thunder. 82º @ 11:30 AM.

Jo unhung the washing that was on the clothesline. She no doubt insured that this little shower will go around us. 78º @ Noon

A very brief shower. Just enough to get the grass wet. Looks as if Jo actually needed to get those clothes off the line. Still overcast so there may be more rain, but I can hear the thunder moving away. 75º @ 12:40

I'm not sure if this is a fungi or a slime mold. Whatever it is, it's been enjoying the warm and moist conditions we've been experiencing lately. It and other fungi are growing well on the dead hickory tree in the yard.

NOAA radar shows another band heading down from Missouri -- nothing severe, just wet. Jo hung the wet clothes up on the porch. Not all would fit. The rest she put on a rack next to the wood stove -- not that we're going to be using the stove any time soon, but there is room for them there. 79º @ 2 PM

No more rain (yet) since around noon. Partly cloudy skies with temperature and mugginess on the rise. 85º @ 3 PM

Just like a couple of Arkies to have clothes hanging on the porch. When this photo was taken, the sun was shining brightly. The clothes should have been hanging on the clothes line. However, for some strange reason, Jo didn't want to spend her day moving clothes back and forth whenever a little shower happened along.

Rain began falling again just as we headed out on our afternoon walk, another little isolated thundershower. NOAA radar showed a tiny little dot sitting atop us, and no other rain in the area. 85º @ 4 PM

Back to being partly cloudy, but the grass is too wet for mowing again today. 81º @ 6 PM

Weather Summary: 87/74 ... .2" rain ... mostly to partly cloudy skies with occasional periods of overcast during the little showers.