Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Journal: Wednesday, 8/20/08

Midnight: Rain. Tuesday was overcast all day and looked as if it could start raining at any minute. The rain held off until midnight, though.

2:30 AM: Rain continues. So far, just a nice and gentle rain.

4:30 AM: It must be bedtime since I keep dozing off at the keyboard. Still raining. 70F (21C).

10:30 AM: Gentle rain still falling. Only 1.5” so far, but it’s had a chance to soak into the ground instead of running off down the creek. 69ºF (20ºC)

Jo has a big cast iron pot of black beans cooking on the stove.

12:30 PM: Fully caffinated now. Time to move on to my next exciting agenda item: Bathing the dogs.

3:00 PM: Bucket and Rusty bathed and the mess from bathing them cleaned up. Jo washed all their bedding too, but I don't see how it's going to get dry since our solar clothes drier is not working at all well today.

4:00 PM: Overcast skies and light drizzle off and on during the PM, but we were able to take our routine walk up the road to the gate and back. We only got a little damp.

8:00 PM: Moderate rain falling again.

11:30 PM: Rain continued for a couple of hours, but I haven't made a trip out to the rain gauge yet.

Weather Summary: 74/68 ... 1.5 rain ... overcast with rain or drizzle all day.