Sunday, August 24, 2008

Journal: Sunday, 8/24/08

Mostly cloudy and hazy.  How many little scattered showers will roam across us today?  80F (26C) @ 11 AM.

Clouds have blotted out the sun.  It looks as if we may get sprinkled upon again.  82F (27C) @ Noon

Jo has been taking photos of her pottery so she will have them available for  show promotional literature, show applications, our website, etc.  These little extruded and altered bud vases are a new item for Jo.  

A friend and fellow potter says humans have produced functional pottery for so long everything truly original has already been created.  Everything made by functional potters these days is just a variation on someone else's idea.  He is probably right.

Forty drops of rain, but skies still threatening. Nothing much on the radar, though.  86F (30C) @ 2 PM

Anyone need some dishwater -- slightly used but still containing an over abundance of suds?  I accidentally applied a SUPER SQUIRT of concentrated liquid dish soap instead of using the diluted solution.  Sudsy to the max.

More of the fungi growing on the dead hickory tree in our yard.  The tree died a couple of years back.  I really should cut it down before it falls down.  Right now the dead hickory is serving as the center support for the clothesline.
I've been hesitant to tackle felling the hickory because I'm not sure if I can make it fall where I want.  Of course, if it falls down during a thunderstorm or icing event, it probably isn't going to fall where I want either.  Having a bucket truck so I could limb the tree first would be nice.  I just don't feel comfortable tree climbing with a chainsaw.

A 30-minute walk up the road and back took over an hour because we stopped to photograph so many wildflowers and bugs.  81F (27C) @ 5 PM

A little work on the electric fence around the garden.  The wire tying the four strands together broke.  Top two strands weren't HOT.

All summer I've been mowing around a passionflower vine growing in the yard out from the basement door.  It has finally bloomed.  All of the passionflowers I've found growing around our place have been mostly white with only a hint of purple.  This one has the most purple color I've found here.

Mowed  in the garden during late PM.  Very little accomplished before dark-thirty.  Shorter days are going to force me to alter my schedule because I'm not getting out into the garden soon enough to get anything accomplished before it gets dark.  Could it be that I must give up my afternoon nap?

Weather Summary:  86/73 ... not enough rain to measure ... skies varied back and forth from partly to mostly cloudy during the day.