Saturday, August 30, 2008

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10:30 AM

Fotonomy : Marvin's photos : Mushrooms
Recent rains and warm temps led to a fungi population boom, but they are fading fast as hotter, drier conditions prevail.

1:00 PM

Fotonomy : Marvin's photos : Greener Pasture
PM Walk:  Thanks to the rains we received earlier this month, the grasses are a lot greener than normal for the end of August. In a normal year, even the poison ivy has turned brown and shriveled up by now.
4:30 PM

The cucumbers I planted died -- probably as a result of the wilt disease carried by squash bugs.  However this plant that came up in the strawberry bed is doing just fine so far.  I really have no idea how a cucumber seed got into the strawberry bed.

Late this afternoon I did a little mowing followed by working in the garden.  I picked blister beetles off some tomato and potato plants and got a bed edged.  I also did a little watering for the first time in a couple of weeks.  The garden isn't drying out as badly as it would were the temperatures hotter, but I pulled mulch back in a few places and the soil underneath seem dry to me.  Mulch is great for holding moisture in the bed, but the grass clipping mulch like we use can also shed rainwater and keep the beds from getting watered during a rain shower.