Saturday, December 6, 2008

Journal: Saturday, 12/06/08

A pretty much routine day of modest sales at Arkansas Craft Guild's Christmas Showcase 2008.  We were back down at the Statehouse Convention Center by 8 AM.  The show closed at 6 PM.  After the show we enjoyed a great potluck supper and visiting session back at our friends house.

The Peabody is a privately owned hotel that sits atop part of the Statehouse Convention Center which is owned by the City of Little Rock.  Jo and I began exhibiting at the Arkansas Craft Guild's Christmas Showcase in 1987.  Since that time, the hotel has changed ownership three or four times and undergone a major renovation. 

The Peabody group is originally out of Memphis and has long been associated with ducks

Since Jo and I have been doing Showcase, the Convention Center itself has just about doubled in size.  Back in 1987, it consisted of three large conventions halls (separated by movable walls), a lobby, and various offices and small meeting rooms.  The only entrance was through the side of the hotel lobby.  The expansion eight or so years ago added a couple more large halls (one connected to the other three and one on an upper level) plus several smaller meeting rooms and a large entrance lobby accessible directly from Markham Avenue.

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