Sunday, December 7, 2008

Journal: Sunday, 12/07/08

►  Sundays are almost always the slowest days at an art fair.  They take a long time to get started and tend to die early. Today was no exception.

►   The show closed at four o'clock.  Jo and I spent the next three and a half hours or so packing and loading.  Functional potters are almost always the last folks to leave a show.  When a show site starts getting empty -- down to the last half dozen exhibitors or so -- and you look around to see who's still packing and loading, at least five of the remaining six artists will be your fellow potters.  We have a lot of work that needs to be displayed and then packed and loaded. 

►  Although I couldn't throw a pot if my life depended upon it, when it comes to  packing and loading, I'm one of the potters.  Jo actually packs all the pots, but I pack the tiles, pack my work and load most everything.

►  There is one advantage to being slow at this show. When the hall gets mostly empty, we are allowed to drive into the exhibit hall and park right next to our booths instead of having to park in an adjoining hall and dolly everything to our van.

►  After leaving the hall, Jo and I drove back to our friends house for the night.  We almost always stay over instead of heading home directly from a show.  In this case, staying over was the only reasonable option since we needed to pick up Rusty and Bucket on the way home.

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