Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Journal: Wednesday, 12/03/08

►  South wind velocity approaching shingle-ripping.  Clear and 44ºF/6ºC @ midnight.

►  Temperature beginning to increase as south wind brings in warmer, moister air. 47ºF/8ºC @ 5 AM.

►  Little computer time available this AM. Loading the van is the first item on my agenda. Not raining yet, but looks as if it could start at any minute.

►  Strong and gusty south wind still rattling the windows. Temp up to 51ºF/1-ºC @ 10 AM.

While it wasn't exactly raining, the air was damp enough you could get wet standing outside.

Jo and I had a little assembly line of sorts going for a little while.  She unloaded pots from the kiln, priced and packed while I loaded boxes of pottery into the van.  Eventually, I caught up with her and had to take a short break while she finished packing.

I finished loading the van around two o'clock -- pottery and fixtures.  I spent another hour or so piddling around checking out the van, sweeping out accumulated crud of several shows and cranking the van to make sure it would still run.

It was a good thing I got up and got moving earlier than my normal schedule.  The gusty south wind laid around mid-day.  By three o'clock the wind returned at an equal force from the north.  We also got a little bit of rain.

Because of the rain we had to forgo our afternoon walk.  Although the rain didn't last long or amount to very much, it was dark by the time it stopped.

►  ISP is finally up and running after about eight hours of being nowhere to be found.

►  Van is loaded except for food and personal items that we'll load Thursday morning.

►  Our temperature climbed to 54ºF/12ºC before a new cold front arrived right on schedule mid-PM. Only a very little rain. Currently: Mostly cloudy, gusty north wind, 36ºF/2ºC and falling at 9 PM.

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