Monday, December 1, 2008

Journal: Monday, 12/01/08

►  A very light dusting of snow is being blown around by a gusty north wind.  29ºF/-1ºC @ 1:30  AM.

►  Time to throw a couple more logs into the wood stove and then go to bed.  (28ºF/-2ºC @ 4:45 AM)

►  Blog Post on Nature in the Ozarks:  Buck Deer in the Garden

►  So far today is much better than yesterday -- and better than today's forecast too. (Partly cloudy, blustery north wind and 40ºF/4ºC @ noon)

►  Unfortunately, the weather seems to be coming into compliance with our forecast. Clouds are moving in and we appear to be heading toward overcast. (40ºF/4ºC @ 1 PM)

►  Jo made a run into town.  She had some orders to mail plus routine grocery shopping, etc.  Jo said the line at the post office was long, but she'd used Click-N-Ship and her packages were ready to be mailed.  All she had to do was hand them to the clerk, which is exactly what she did.  Some of the other people in line acted as if they did not appreciate her jumping to the front of the line, but she really didn't.  She stacked her packages on the counter in front of a closed clerk's window.  She didn't take up any of the one working clerk's time.  And, anyone who wants to spend the time online can use the Click-N-Ship service.

►  Jo also bought some "extra" food.  When we do Christmas Showcase down in Little Rock, we stay with a friend.  A couple of other artist also stay.  Everyone brings food and we have potluck meals in the evening after the show.  Jo is making King Ranch Chicken.

►  Spent several minutes looking for my knit cap before heading outside. Only when I gave up looking and decided to put on a ball cap instead did I discover the knit cap on my head. Nap time? (Still 40ºF/4ºC @ 3 PM)

►  Back from our afternoon walk. Can't believe I found a violet blooming.  (Varying between partly and mostly cloudy, moderate north wind and 35ºF/1ºC @ 5 PM.)

►  After alternating between partly and mostly cloudy all day, our skies finally cleared around sunset.  We got a good look at the conjunction of the moon, Venus and Jupiter.

►  Jo is loading her kiln for the last glaze firing before our last art fair of the season.  Not all the glazed pots will fit.  Which pots go into the kiln and which stay behind?  What are we going to sell this weekend?  (Mostly clear, light north wind and 30ºF/-1ºC @ 8 PM)

►  Last pre-show glaze firing underway. 29ºF/-1ºC @ 11 PM

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