Thursday, December 25, 2008

Journal: Thursday, 12/25/08

►  Midnight:  Clear, calm and 29ºF/-1.5ºC.  I hear no sleigh bells.

►  I am tired of waiting and will soon go to bed, but first I'll consume some milk and cookies.  (Clear, calm and 27ºF/-3ºC @ 4:30 AM)

Nature in the Ozarks blog post/photo:  Christmas Eve deer in the woods.  Seen along the bench road while on our afternoon walk.

►  A beautiful Christmas morning going here.  Clear skies, calm wind and 40ºF/4ºC @ 10:30 AM.

►  I think I'll go try out the new 2-cycle oil Santa brought: Fire up the chainsaw and cut some firewood. (Mostly clear and 49ºF/9ºC @ noon)

►  Cut a truckload (small pickup) of firewood while the neighbor's cows watched. (Cows think I might be bringing hay.)  Jo and the dogs arrived about the time I was finishing up.  Jo often helps get the wood I've split loaded into the truck, but this time she was too late for all that fun.  That was just as well because with the cows so close, the dogs would have been a problem if Jo were helping me.  Jo, Rusty and Bucket completed their walk to the gate while I drove home and started unloading the truck.  When Jo got home, she helped with that.

►  Tamales for supper with pecan pie for dessert. The tamales weren't too bad for store-bought. Jo's homemade pecan pie was scrumptious.

►  Our temperature fell after sunset, but then started heading back up around nine o'clock. A strong and gusty south wind is pumping in warm, moist air. 72º is our forecast high for Friday. And, thunderstorms are forecast with the arrival of a new cold front Friday night. (44ºF/6ºC @ midnight)

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