Sunday, December 21, 2008

Journal: Sunday, 12/21/08

►  Chilling down.  23ºF/-5ºC @ midnight.  A northwest wind gusting to 30 mph/48 kph doesn't help with keeping warm.

►  Time to throw a couple more logs on the fire and go to bed.  (Clear, gusty north wind and 15ºF/-9ºC @ 4:30 AM)

►  Nature in the Ozarks blog post/photo:  Today's Flowers -- Beach False Foxglove.

►  Not planning a picnic, but not too bad out if you can stay out of the wind.  Sunny, north wind 10-15 mph (16-24 kph), 21ºF/-6ºC @ 10:30 AM.

►  Temperature climbing under sunny skies.  27ºF/-3ºC @ noon.

►  I mixed up some gasoline for my chainsaw this afternoon, but that was as far as I got in preparing to cut some firewood.  Usually I've done quite a bit of firewood cutting by this time, but this year I didn't need to because we had a lot left over from last year.  Still, we hardly have enough to last through the entire winter so I need to get working on that project.

►  Temp climbed to around 20ºF/-1ºC during the heat of the day, but is falling fast now that the sun is setting. (23ºF/-5ºC @ 4:45 PM)

►  Really burning through the fire wood.  Blustery wind, clear sky and 17ºF/-8ºC @ 8:15 PM.

There were a few icicles on the waterfall just below our house, but not as many as I expected -- nor were they as large as I thought they might be.  The waterfall was catching a lot of direct sunlight.  The icicles were melting enough to fall even though our temperature remained below freezing all day.

►  Heading down to our coldest night thus far this winter.  (Clear, moderate northwest wind and 12ºF/-11ºC @ midnight)

►  Weather Summary:  High = 30ºF/-1ºC.  Low = 12ºF/-11ºC.  Temperature @ midnight = 12ºF/-11ºC.  Clear skies and a fairly gusty north wind all day.

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