Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Journal: Tuesday, 12/16/08

►  Sleet showers continue off and on. We’re beginning to get and accumulation of the crunchy stuff. On bare ground it’s melting and refreezing enough to become awfully slick. (21ºF/-6ºC @ midnight)   

►  Fallen Tree blog post on Nature in the Ozarks.

►  Our temperature has actually crept up a couple of degrees, but now a freezing fog/mist is putting and icy glaze on all exposed surfaces. I'm trying very hard to keep my surfaces unexposed when venturing outdoors. (22ºF/-5ºC @ 4:00 AM)

►  "Stay off the beaten path" is good advice for walking across our yard today. One can travel from Point A to Point B by crunching through the grass, but a layer of sleet glazed with freezing fog makes the paths treacherous. (Overcast, calm and 27ºF/-2ºC @ 11:00 AM)

►  Earlier this PM I finally got a good enough look at the tiny ball of fluff that's been flitting around on the porch to determine it's a Winter Wren. (Overcast, calm and 29ºF/-1ºC @ 8:30 PM)

►  Great Taste Is Everything:  Photo post of Yarnell's Ice Cream truck in the loading dock area of Statehouse Convention Center on Hodgepodgery.

►  No new icy precipitation in the past several hours.  Temperature holding at 27ºF/-2ºC @ 1 PM.  May be our high temp for the day.  (Wrong!)

►  Our afternoon walk was pretty much just a bit of wandering around in the woods, but the dogs enjoyed getting out.  The road and all the trails and paths were too slick for standing.  (Overcast, light south wind and 29ºF/-1ºC @ 4:30 PM)

►  South wind is bringing in warmer air.  Temperature is all the way up to 30ºF/-1ºC @ 10:00 PM.

►  Weather Summary:  High = 32ºF/0ºC.  Low = 20ºF/-6ºC.  Temperature @ midnight = 32ºF/0ºC.  AM = Overcast ... a little freezing fog during the early morning but then precipitation stopped.  PM = Overcast ... wind switching to the south and temperatures slowly beginning to rise as the evening progresses.

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