Thursday, December 4, 2008

Caution: Stumbling Stoners

You just never can tell when a stumbling stoner might step out onto the roadway.

On La Harpe Blvd behind the Statehouse Convention Center in beautiful downtown Little Rock, Arkansas.

La Harpe Blvd is named after Jean Baptiste BĂ©nard de La Harpe (1683–1765). La Harpe was a French officer, trader, and explorer. He was the first European explorer to record the existence of a large rocky bluff on the north bank of the Arkansas River. This major outcrop of rock is just upstream from a smaller rock, where it was possible to ford the river. Had La Harpe recorded the existence of the smaller rock, it would have been the first recorded mention of the location that eventually became Little Rock, AR. Regardless of this oversight, Little Rock named a road running along the Arkansas River after La Harpe.