Saturday, November 8, 2008

Journal: Saturday, 11/08/08

►  Had to crank up the wood stove this evening for the first time in well over a week. (42ºF/5ºC @ midnight)

►  Out of propane. Need to swap propane bottles. The kitchen stove is the only propane burning appliance we have. (54ºF/12ºC and sunny @ 10:30 AM)

Got the propane bottles swapped out with no problems.  I'll get the empty bottle refilled on my next trip into town.

►  Hearing gunshots in the distance every so often. Today is opening day of modern weapons deer season. (60ºF/15ºC @ noon)

►  A brisk north wind quickly dried the towels hanging on our clothesline, making them very fluffy too. (Mostly clear skies and 57ºF/13ºC @ 2:30 PM)

►  Afternoon walk not all that relaxing with deer hunters out and about. Our dogs thought we out to track the hunters. Chasing their 4-wheelers would be even better. (44ºF/6ºC @ 4:45 PM)

Even though Rusty and Bucket seldom get to travel, they are really pretty good dogs when we are away from our place, but they are terrible about barking, pulling on their leashes and just generally going crazy when we are home.  Too many territorial impulses kick in, I suppose.

►  Got Jo's kiln started on a bisque firing. (Clear, calm and 36ºF/2ºC @ midnight)

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