Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Journal: Wednesday, 11/12/08

► Temperature and cloud cover have held steady for the past twelve hours. Fortunately, the wind laid. (54ºF/12ºC @ midnight)

► New day; same overcast. Wind calm. 57ºF/13ºC @ 11 AM

► Skies are trying to clear, but progress is very slow. (61ºF/16ºC @ 2 PM)

► Gradual clearing continues, but it's looking as if there will be no sunshine left by the time skies become completely clear. Oh, well. There's always tomorrow. (55ºF/12ºC @ 5 PM)

► Got a start on loading the van, but didn't get very much done before time for our afternoon walk and then darkness. Getting the two large dog crates worked in may prove very interesting. Normally, we board Rusty and Bucket because it's too hot to leave them in the van. Since the weather is cooler for this fall show, we decided to economize and bring them along. I'm hoping we don't regret that decision.

► Clouds persisting. Forecast calls for dense fog. (54ºF/12ºC @ 7:30 PM) (We never saw any fog up here on the ridge.)

► Skies have finally cleared revealing a big, bright full moon. (Clear, calm and 46ºF/7ºC @ midnight)

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