Thursday, November 27, 2008

Journal: Thursday, 11/27/08

► Beautiful morning here in the Ozark Mtns. A few high, thin clouds to the west, virtually calm wind and 69ºF/20ºC @ 11 AM.

► Can hear hired bulldozer working in my neighbor's woods. Not a good sound. Jo and I will have to check out the progress/destruction later. 73ºF/22ºC @ noon.

We didn't find a great deal of damage done thus far by our neighbor Jerry Joe and his hired bulldozer. The main project worked on was a little road that leads from our road out to one of Jerry Joe's pastures. On the one hand, this road was badly washed out and the dozer work did, indeed, make it smoother. On the other hand, this road goes straight down into and straight back up out of a ravine. There's no way to keep a road that steep and straight from quickly washing out again. Jerry Joe knows that as well as I do. I'm really not sure why Jerry wasted his money.
In the photo, the road down into the ravine goes off to the right. As you can see, the dozer made a fair sized mess making the turn off our road out onto the ravine road. He also made a light pass along our road out all the way from where he was working to the gate. I think this light pass was all about the dozer smoothing its own tracks as it left. Bulldozer track are no fun to drive over, but our road really didn't need the surface loosened as we head into winter. Notice the exposed red clay? Grumble, grumble, grumble.

► Temperature made it up to 76ºF/24ºC this afternoon. 56ºF/13ºC @ 5:00 PM as the sun set and clouds build in the southwest.

► Coyotes making a lot of noise outside this evening. (Mostly cloudy, calm and 51ºF/10ºC @ 7:30 PM

►Out of the shop on onto the computer. (Cloudy, calm and 50ºF/10ºC @ midnight)

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