Sunday, November 2, 2008

Journal: Sunday, 11/02/08

Finished working in my shop for the day. (63ºF/17ºC @ midnight)

My computer's clock just jumped back an hour, but I'm going to stay on DST until later Sunday morning. (62ºF/16ºC @ 2 AM)

Time for bed. (62ºF/16ºC @ 3:30 AM CST)

G'morning world. (66ºF/18ºC @ 9:30 AM)

More clouds and south wind coming up. No rain in forecast, though. (71ºF/21ºC @ 11 AM CST)

Found an extra hour because of the switch to standard time; lost it piddling around on the computer. (72ºF/22ºC @ 1 PM)

Finished our supply of store-bought potatoes; starting on home grown Yukon Golds. Our 10# harvest won't last long. (67ºF/19ºC @ 4:45 PM)

Jo's fixing sweet and sour chicken for supper. She has the dogs' undivided attention. (62ºF/16ºC @ 8 PM)

Another glaze firing started. (60ºF/15ºC @ midnight)

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