Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Journal: Tuesday, 11/04/08

► Finished working in my shop for the evening. Now to some online time. (57ºF/13ºC @ midnight)

► I'd better get to bed before the sun rises and catches me up and about. G'night all. (57ºF/13ºC @ 5 AM)

► Gusty south wind is bringing fall color to an end. Clear sky. (69ºF/20ºC @ 11 AM)

► Time to begin making moves toward the Welcome Home Volunteer Fire Station, our polling place. (72ºF/22ºC @ noon)

► Trip to vote postponed. Jo says we need to wait until tile kiln firing finished.

► Over the past couple of days we've had three unknown pickups turning around at our end-of-the-road location. Modern weapons deer season begins this weekend. They're probably guys out scouting for a place to hunt. (Sunny, windy and 73ºF/22ºC @ 2 PM)

► Voted around three o'clock. The poll works said turnout had been fairly heavy. I was the 32nd person to cast a ballot.

► Spent the evening working on spoons and listening to election returns. John McCain predictably prevailed in Arkansas, but no matter, Barak Obama won. Good!!!

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