Thursday, November 20, 2008

Journal: Thursday, 11/20/08

►  Finished up working down in my shop. Then, made fruit salad while watching auto industry bail out debate on Charlie Rose. (49ºF/9ºC @ midnight)

►  I believe I'll turn in early tonight. (Clear, calm and 45ºF/7ºC @ 3 AM)

►  Mostly cloudy skies despite a forecast predicting sunshine all day. Moderate north wind. 40ºF/4ºC @ 10:30 AM.

►  Jo made a run into town. She washed a load of clothes and hung them on the line before leaving.

►  Patches of blue sky are beginning to appear overhead and the sun is bursting though our cloud cover occasionally. It looks as if we are heading for a partly cloudy day. (45ºF/7ºC @ 11:30 AM)

►  The clouds dissipated rapidly leaving a mostly clear sky overhead. It's not bad outside if you can stay in the sunshine and out of the blustery north wind.(52ºF/11ºC @ 12:30 PM)

►  Jo's home from town with our provisions, including a Thanksgiving turkey -- not something we'd normally buy, but free with a $100.00 grocery tab.

Buying $100.00 worth of groceries in usually not a problem.  In fact, it's a feat all too easily accomplished these days.  However, the main reasons Jo made this particular trip into Marshall were to return books on tape to the library and to deposit the checks taken at our last show.  We didn't really need to make a grocery run yet.  She had to struggle to meet the $100.00 requirement.

►  Jo says gasoline was down to $1.79/gallon. That's a 20¢ drop since Monday here in north central Arkansas. (52ºF/11ºC @ 3 PM)

Lower gas prices are great.  Not having to pay so much for fuel means a significant reduction in expenses when we exhibit at an art fair.  Still, I fear our current gas prices are falling too low.  For one thing, they are a sign that the overall economy is slowly grinding to a halt.  The demand for fuel is way down.  Also, too low prices mean there's less incentive for exploration and developing alternatives.

►  Split some firewood and stacked it in the loop hoop on the porch. Our temperature is forecast to fall to 21ºF/-6ºC overnight. If it makes it that low, that will be our coldest temperature thus far this season. (Mostly clear, blustery north wind and 45ºF/7ºC @ 4:30 PM)

►  Just tossed another couple of logs into the wood stove.  37ºF/2ºC @ 7:30 PM.  Don't even want to know the wind chill.

►  Through making spoons for the day.  29ºF/-1ºC @ midnight.  Thankfully the north wind seems to be backing off.

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